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Artie: The Trainable

March 29, 2010 by lolkitty: Kaela

Artie has a reputation around here of being the boss. If he doesn’t want you to catch him, you will not be able to catch him. If he wants you away from his hazelnut, trust me, you keep away from his hazelnut. For all his fiercesome ways, he has another reputation, and it’s of being very smart and sneaky.

He already figured out that he can sneak under our bedroom door if we don’t watch him closely enough. The good thing though is he is endlessly and tirelessly greedy. So bribes are alright by him.

Chris started training him with almond slivers to come to your hand when you stand up and put your arm straight out. He understands this signal in different contexts, with different hands or signals. So my next goal is to train him to come when I call him. I think it’s completely possible.  I haven’t seen video of a chipmunk that comes when you call it, so I’m hoping it’s at least rare enough to be noteworthy.

Here’s some video of his sweetness. I’ll continue training him and post my progress.

This is Chris playing with him:

You can see he puts my finger in his mouth to play bite me, but then he does surprise me with a bit more of a bite toward the end. He’s still pretty gentle, but this is why these special little animals are a little too wild for small kids to play with. I even still think that people who are unfamiliar with the way chipmunks behave would have a hard time playing with him. He also gets spooked a little easy if there are new people around.

That’s all for now!

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